J&M Motorcycle Audio - Fall/Winter 2018 Catalog - page 6-7

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We are proud to introduce the
new J&M Bluetooth wireless
helmet headsets
• The audio performance of
J&M’s elite series Blue-
tooth headsets will rival
that of our best corded
headsets, so you don’t have
to sacrifice good sound
when going wireless.
• Our elite series features
both the boom and chin-
bar mount style AeroMike
VI microphones for the
very best in wind and
ambient noise cancelling
at highway speeds.
Multifunctional Bluetooth
4.1 software package
includes standard profiles
of HSP, HFP, A2DP Stereo &
AVRCP, along with the J&M
Exclusive helmet to helmet
intercom profile.
• Control head features the CSR Bluecore8 module, for easy pairing
to most Bluetooth enabled audio devices, including iPhone, Android
& Windows Smartphones, Bluetooth enabled GPS units, Bluetooth
enabled MP3 and iPod type music devices.
• Up to four headsets can be
paired together for crystal
clear intercom communica-
tions at distances of up to
1/2 mile.
• Control head is powered
by a rechargeable Lithium
power cell providing 14-18
hours of use from a full
• Easy to feel and operate ex-
ternal controls for volume
up/dn, helmet to helmet
linking, multifunction but-
ton call answer/initiate/
linking and on/off.
These are J&Ms brand new Blu<>Hub® dual-
module stereo Bluetooth Dongles.
This Blu<>Hub dongle system allows one or
two Bluetooth helmet headsets (that include
the A2DP profile in their software stack) to link
to the dongle and share the common stereo
music source.
The factory handlebar volume control will con-
trol the music volume inside each Bluetooth
headset, once linked and adjusted.
Either driver or passenger can also link their
own cell phone to their individual Bluetooth
headset, simultaneously with the Blu<>Hub
dongle, for automatic switching back & forth
between stereo music and cell phone conver-
sations, along with normal helmet-to-helmet
intercom options.
These new Bluetooth dongles will turn on and
off automatically with the motorcycle ignition
and there are NO BATTERIES EVER, to charge
or replace.
We will be offering a hardware/software
upgrade addition to these Blu<>Hub dongle
systems, with our exclusive JMAHP stereo/mi-
crophone profile on/or about January 2018.
The JMAHP software connection profile pro-
duces stereo signals to each linked headset
with simultaneous and continuous micro-
phone signals back to the Dongle, to allow
for driver/passenger intercom and/or CB
radio transmissions, to fully CUT-THE-CORD.
These Blu<>Hub dongle kits are 100% plug-
n-play into each of these motorcycle audio
system configurations.
With these J&M Blu<>Hub dongle
systems installed, CORDED helmet
headsets can still be used at any time
thru the standard headset connection
Made-in-the-USA at our factory in
Tucson Arizona, with comprehen-
sive linking and operation manuals
New Dual-Module A2DP Stereo Bluetooth® Dongle Systems
• Versatile, easy to install
component design to allow
removal of the control head
for in-house charging away
from the helmet.
J&M Blu<>Hub® Dual-Module Driver/
Passenger Stereo Bluetooth® Dongle Kit for Honda® GL1800
J&M Blu<>Hub® Dual-Module Driver/
Passenger Stereo Bluetooth® Dongle Kit for 2014-2018
Harley® StreetGlide/RoadGlide
J&M Blu<>Hub® Dual-Module Driver/
Passenger Stereo Bluetooth® Dongle Kit for 2014-2018
Harley® Ultra/Ultra Limited/RoadGlide Ultra
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