J&M Motorcycle Audio - Winter/Spring 2019 Catalog - page 6-7

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Cancer and
Reproductive Harm —
These are J&Ms brand new Blu<>Hub®
dual-module Bluetooth Dongle kits loaded
with our exclusive JMAHP software profile.
This latest version of the JMAHP profile
from J&M provides low-latency aptX™ digi-
tal stereo to the headset, (aptX decoding
active with BT-03+/BT-04 or later model
J&M headset) with simultaneous and con-
tinuous microphone signals back to the
dongle audio source, allowing full stereo
music, private driver/passenger intercom
and CB radio transmissions.
Now you can finally “Cut-The-Cord”
between your helmet headset and the
factory audio system WITHOUT sacrificing
that great J&M sound!
These new J&M Blu<>Hub dongles will
also link to most other brands of Bluetooth
helmet headsets available and provide
mono audio to the headset with simulta-
neous and continuous mike signals back
to the audio system, for full intercom, cell
phone and CB radio communications.
The factory handlebar & dash-knob
volume controls will raise and lower the
music, intercom & CB volume levels inside
each Bluetooth headset, once linked and
Either driver or passenger can also link
their own cell phone to their individual
J&M Bluetooth headsets, simultaneously
with this Blu<>Hub dongle, for automatic
switching back & forth between stereo
music/intercom/CB and individual cell
phone conversations.
With this J&M Blu<>Hub dongle system
installed, CORDED helmet headsets can
still be used at any time thru the standard
headset connection plugs, simultaneous
with either of the Bluetooth headset links.
The Blu<>Hub dongle will turn
on and off automatically with
the motorcycle ignition and
to charge or replace.
Dual-Module aptX Stereo Bluetooth® Dongle Systems
J&M Blu<>Hub® Dual-Module Driver/
Passenger Stereo Bluetooth® Dongle Kit for Honda® GL1800
J&M Blu<>Hub Dual-Module Driver/Pas-
senger Bluetooth® Dongle Kit w/ aptX Digital Stereo 2014-19
Harley® Ultra/Street/Road
J&M Blu<>Hub® Dual-Module Driver/
Passenger Bluetooth® Dongle Kit with aptX™ Digital Stereo
1998-2013 Harley® Ultra/Ultra
The audio performance
of J&M’s elite series
Bluetooth headsets
will rival that of
our best corded
headsets, so you
don’t have to sacri-
fice good sound when
going wireless.
Our elite series features
both the boom and chin-bar
mount style AeroMike VI
microphones for the very best
in wind and ambient
noise cancelling at
highway speeds.
Easy to feel and
operate external
controls for volume
up/dn, helmet to helmet
linking, multifunction button call answer/initiate/linking and on/off.
Control head features the CSR Bluecore8 module, for easy pairing to most
Bluetooth enabled audio devices, including iPhone, Android & Windows Smart-
phones, Bluetooth enabled GPS units, Bluetooth enabled MP3 and iPod type
music devices.
Multifunctional Bluetooth 4.1 software package includes standard profiles of
HSP, HFP, A2DP Stereo & AVRCP, along with the J&M Exclusive helmet to helmet
intercom profile.
Versatile, easy to install component design to allow removal of the control head
for in-house charging away from the helmet.
Control head is powered by a rechargeable Lithium power cell providing 14-18
hours of use from a full charge.
Up to four headsets can be paired together for crystal clear intercom
communications at distances of up to 1/2 mile.
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