J&M Motorcycle Audio - Spring/Summer 2018 Catalog - page 46-47

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Cancer and
Reproductive Harm —
The World’s First,
All-In-One, Handlebar-
Mounted Motorcycle
Audio System...
This exciting product from J&M features a
40-channel CB radio, NOAA weather band,
rider/passenger intercom and stereo music
amplification from any Portable/MP3 type/
iPod music device.
Mount it to your left handlebar with the proper
bracket kit, connect the headset/ power har-
ness to your bike’s electrical system, (choose
between solo or rider/ passenger kits) install
our license plate mounted CB antenna, (or any
other properly tuned CB antenna) plug in your
favorite J&M dual mode helmet headset/head-
sets and you are ready to go.
All knobs and controls have been designed for
ease of use while riding, even with gloves on
and in addition, the unit is water resistant so
you won’t have to worry about getting caught
out in the rain.
The new JMCB-2003K model has been
designed with an expanded 6-circuit aux input
plug to accept J&M’s new iPod controller with
Bluetooth connection interrupt, to provide the
circuits necessary to play music from an iPod,
keep the iPod charged while riding and/or listen
to stereo music from a Bluetooth linked device
AND actually talk over the cell phone, all thru
the driver or passenger corded helmet headsets
(no batteries to charge).
New Can-bus compatible power supply/noise
filter included with all models.
Solo: JMCB-2003K-SL
kit for solo (driver only) headset
kit for driver/passenger headset
$59.99 each
Harley w/1” or 1 ¼”
handlebars (Black powder
coated) for 98-15 models
Harley w/1” or 1 ¼”
Handlebars (Polished)
Honda Valkyrie/St 1300/
1100 (Black powder
Honda Cruisers
Honda SilverWing
(Black powder coated)
Kawasaki Cruisers
Kawasaki Concours14
(Black powder coated)
Suzuki Cruisers
Victory Cruiser
Motorcycles (Polished)
Yamaha Cruisers
Yamaha FJR-1300 (Black,
not for paddle-shift model)
Yamaha Stratoliner
Mounting bracket sold separately.
(See chart)
Important Note:
The JMCB-2003 is a J&M
6-pin audio system that requires the pre-am-
plified microphone signal provided by our Dual
Mode helmet headsets along with the #HC-ZJM
or HC-PJM lower section hook-up cord (please
see the headset/helmet pages 8-11).
Driver/Passenger: JMCB-2003K-DU
J&M Radar Accessory Harnesses
These direct plug-and-play adapter harnesses connect to the new J&M IntegratrV, CFBR, CFRG, FGA
units or other applicable J&M integration/system modules.
Mount CB
Antenna Kits
These license plate/
trunk mount CB
antenna kits include a 1’, 2’, 3’ or 4’ antenna
staff, mounting stud, frame attachment ground-
ing strap, antenna connection cable, cable ties,
mounting hardware and complete installation
instructions. These very versatile kits allow
you to mount a CB antenna to almost any
with 1’ staff
with 2’ staff
with 3’ staff
with 4’ staff
Radar Detector Harness
Adapter Valentine One
Radar Detector Harness
Adapter Passport 8500
Radar Detector Harness
Adapter Whistler XTR
Radar Detector Harness
Adapter Bell RX65
Bluetooth Cell
iPod/Radar Beep
Digital Music Controller
J&M’s new digital music controller will connect to a
standard iPod by wire and direct the stereo music into
the JMCB-2003’s audio system aux input, using the
iPod’s own onscreen controls, while at the same time
keeping the iPod fully charged.
A Smartphone or Garmin Zumo can also be linked by Bluetooth to the J&M music controller, while
an iPod is simultaneously connected by wire, and when a navigation command or cell phone call is
received, it will automatically interrupt the iPod music signal into the system.
This controller wiring harness also pro-
vides for direct plug-n-play of the custom
J&M CFRG type radar detector adapter
harnesses, (extra cost item) for auto-
matic radar beep alert into one headset
speaker, along with a power/ground
source connection for a Garmin Zumo.
Bluetooth Cell Phone/
iPod/GPS/Radar Beep audio integration
terminal for the JMCB-2003K/E (Will con-
nect to older “B” model w/adapter)
JMCB-2003B Model
Adapter Harness
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