J&M Motorcycle Audio - Spring/Summer 2018 Catalog - page 22-23

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Cancer and
Reproductive Harm —
Shorty CB Antenna Staff Upgrade for 2018 Honda®
This new shorty antenna model from J&M comes out of the package pre-tuned
for all 40-channel CB radio frequencies.
Installation is a snap as you simply unscrew by hand the stock Honda
CB antenna, screw in the included SS antenna stud, slide over the
molded trim bushing and then screw on the new J&M shorty CB
With total overall length at approximately 17”, this new shorty
CB antenna option looks great and compliments the lines and
contours of the new Wing.
Shorty CB Antenna Staff
Upgrade 2018 Honda® Gold Wing
J&M Custom BluHub® Bluetooth®
CORDED Helmet Headset Adapter
Kit for the 2018 Honda Gold Wing
This new J&M BluHub® CORDED helmet headset adapter
kit will link directly to the Wing’s main audio system and
provide ALL of the audio system functions that are standard
on the new Wing, to one or two corded helmet headsets.
WHILE at the same time providing a constant and con-
tinuous “private” driver/passenger intercom system with
simple to operate volume control on the face of the BluHub
ALL standard handlebar levers/buttons and system func-
tions from the new Wing, will control everything going to
the corded helmet headsets, including stereo music from all sources, cell
phone, navigation and 40-CH CB radio.
Supplied headset cable jacks are the standard 5-pin configuration that
have been used on all Gold Wings from 1980-2017.
If rider and/or passenger decide to use Bluetooth headsets instead of
corded at any given time, they can link their Bluetooth headsets to the
Wing’s system, instead of the BluHub and all systems will function normal,
with NO interference from the BluHub.
This is an easy to install, totally plug-n-play CORDED helmet headset solu-
tion for the 2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1833 that is 12v powered, turns
on/off with the ignition and there are NO BATTERIES to charge.
J&M Custom BluHub® Bluetooth®
CORDED Helmet Headset Adapter kit for the 2018
Honda Gold Wing GL1833
Elite BT-04 Series w/Hi-Intensity Speakers
& AeroMike VI for FL/FF/OF Style Helmets
Elite BT-04 Series w/Lrg-Dia. Hi-Intensity
Spkrs & AeroMike VI FL/OF Style Helmets
Elite BT-04 Series w/Lrg-Dia. Hi-Intensity
Spkrs & AeroMike VI FL/OF Style Helmets
J&Ms Exciting NEW
BT-04 Bluetooth
Helmet Headsets w/
The audio performance of the NEW BT-04 model
is outstanding and will rival that of our best
corded headsets, so you don’t have to give up
good sound when going wireless.
• Featuring both the boom-style and chin-bar
AeroMike VI microphones, along with our high-
intensity mount-in-helmet speakers for the very
best performance on the new Wing.
• Control head features the CSR Bluecore8
module, for easy pairing to most Bluetooth
enabled audio devices, along with J&M’s new
SmartBlu™ technology for direct headset linking and operation with the new Honda GoldWing
• Compatible with the Wing’s dual-zone audio system allow-
ing separate music streams for driver and passenger with
easy to activate “private” rider/passenger intercom.
• Control head is powered by a rechargeable lithium power
cell providing 14-18 hours of use from a full charge.
• Versatile easy to install component design allowing removal
of the control head to provide for easy in-house charging
away from the helmet.
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