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Helmet Headsets


We are proud to introduce the new J&M Bluetooth wireless helmet headsets.

J&M's new model elite series BT-04 and current BT-03 Bluetooth helmet headsets offer THE BEST audio performance available.

With build quality, features and on-highway performance to directly challenge the competition.

Whether purchasing your first Bluetooth wireless helmet headset or replacing and existing model, you can now step up to J&M.

((Important Note: As of this date 08-01/2018 the helmet-to-helmet intercom feature has not yet been added to J&Ms new propriety Bluetooth software for the new BT-04 model headsets.

Until the helmet-to-helmet intercom feature is added, the new BT-04 is FULLY FUNCTIONAL when linked to your favorite SmartPhone, when linked to the J&M Dongle44s (for 2001-2017 Gold Wing or 2006-2018 Harley audio systems) or as a SOLO RIDER on the new 2018 Honda Gold Wing.

We anticipate to have this helmet-to-helmet intercom feature available by software update download on/or about 09-30/2018.))

What separates J&M's Bluetooth® helmet headsets from all the rest?

J&M's new BT04 Elite Series Bluetooth headsets take another significant step forward in performance, functionality and ease of use, with all new J&M propriety internal firmware.

  • Easy to install clamp-on mount Bluetooth control head, 45mm or 40mm high-intensity helmet speakers with both boom and chin-bar versions of our high-output AeroMike VI microphone available.
  • Versatile, easy to install component design to allow removal of the control head for in-house charging away from the helmet.
  • Multifunctional Bluetooth 4.3 software package includes the standard profiles of HSP, HFP, A2DP stereo, AVRCP, JMAHP w/aptXâ„¢ digital stereo, along with JMDPI, J&Ms exclusive “private” helmet-to-helmet intercom profile.
  • Utilizes J&Ms new SmartBluâ„¢ linking technology, for easy pairing to most standard Bluetooth enabled audio devices, along with direct headset linking to specific Bluetooth compatible motorcycle audio systems like the new 2018 Honda Gold Wing, 2001-2017 GL1800 with J&M BluHub® custom dongle44, 2006-2018 Harley with J&M BluHub custom dongle44, 2017-2018 Indian Chieftain, 2018 CanAm Spyder and others yet to be released.
  • Control head is powered by a rechargeable Lithium power cell providing 14-18 hours of use from a full charge.
  • Easy-to-download software updates to add additional features and improve performance are available from this page of the J&M website. https://www.jmcorp.com/Static/bluetooth-software-updates.htm

You will not find a better performing Bluetooth helmet headset anywhere, you have our name on it.


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