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Techno-Research Alaris Single-User Digital Technician for 2014-2020 Harley Baggers #TR210024

# TRAF-HD1420

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# TRAF-HD1420

This exciting new Alaris digital technician kit # TR210024 from Techno Research allows YOU the rider/owner to custom flash your Harley infotainment radio (either of the 3 models) during the initial audio system installation or anytime thereafter, if the radio flash is accidentally altered by your dealer.

Once used on a particular motorcycle, this unit is then dedicated to your VIN number and can be used anytime to alter or reinstate the particular speaker/amplifier configuration.

Kit includes everything that you need to load the app software into your favorite laptop or desktop computer and connect to the 6-pin plug behind the left side side-cover.

Kit includes the plug-in Alaris module, connection cables and carry case.

California Prop 65 Warning