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RFB-ROKKER® XT-P 500w 4-CH Amp 2014-16 Harley StreetGld w/Lwr-Rear Spkrs


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ROKKER™ ! -P series ---- THE world's most powerful 4-ch amplifier for your Harley Bagger audio system ,,,,

This exciting new J&M DSP controlled 4-channel 500w fairing/rear speaker amplifier kit has been designed specifically for use on the 2014-2016 Harley® StreetGlide with the stock Harley radio (either version NO radio FLASH required) and LOWER fairing or REAR speakers added.

This kit is put together with a REFURBISHED (used/repaired) amplifier component, but all other parts of this kit, including the mounting bracket, wiring harnesses etc are all brand new and the entire kit is covered by J&Ms 2-year warranty.

The specific plug-n-play wiring harness included with this kit, takes the 2-channels of audio signal available from the StreetGlide version of the Harley radio, and provides 4 separate channels of amplification at 125w RMS continuous for each channel.

This is a full range class G digital amplifier and is spec’d at 125watts RMS per channel X4 channels, (500w total) driven continuous into a 2 ohm load @ 14.4vdc. Amplifier mounts to the custom made stainless steel 2-piece bracket system, to provide solid and secure mounting inside the StreetGlide or Ultra fairing, in addition to blocking amplifier heat from being transferred to the radio.

These new ROKKER XT -P series amplifiers are now fully programmable thru the internal digital signal processor (DSP) and come out of the box already dialed in for this specific StreetGlide custom speaker configuration, to provide maximum highway performance from your Harley Davidson audio system.

Should you wish to alter these settings (as when adding additional speakers to the system, adding a subwoofer, or changing the impedance of the speakers), J&M will be offering all of our specific custom pre-loaded amplifier programs as a consumer download from the J&M website @www.jmcorp.com.

Custom made plug-n-play wiring harnesses are included with this amplifier kit, top quality heavy gauge power/ground wires are used for the fused battery connection, along with all necessary mounting hardware & complete installation/operation instructions.

Amplifier itself measures 10 5/8” Long X 5” Wide (widest point) X 1 5/8” Tall.

Special Installation Note: Because of the very-high output power levels provided by this ROKKER amplifier kit, we recommend using ONLY the ROKKER XX speakers for your fairing, to provide maximum performance and long term durability.

California Prop 65 Warning



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