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J&M Perf Series Audio KIT 360w RMS 6-Spkrs 11-13 HD RoadGlide Ultra

# JHAK-HRU11-3606SP

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POW !! ---- Blow away those overly-heavy, inefficient bracket-breakin 6.5's your friends are braggin about ,,,,,

J&M’s new 7 ¼” round drivers are the largest diameter speakers that can be installed into the Harley RoadGlide style fairing, and vented lower fairings, with cone volume and mass comparable to a 6X9” speaker.

'J&M's 5 ¼" round drivers are the largest & most efficient speakers you can install into the rear trunk pod position on the Harley RoadGlide Ultra.

Both spec’d at 2 ohms impedance and 140/120+ watts max power, these new speakers provide the ultimate in bass response, extended mid/high frequency range and raw audio power.

They feature a waterproof injection-molded polycarbonate woofer cone, high-flux strength but light-weight dual-donut Neodymium magnet, high efficiency voice coil, the latest design grillwork with mounted tweeter and midrange, (plain grills only for LOWER fairing speakers) and top-quality adapter rings/bracket hardware for secure and clean mounting into the RoadGlide Ultra.

These are THE most efficient speakers you can buy for your Harley and their mounting hole pattern and spade electrical connections are exactly the same as the factory specification.

Lower fairing speaker housings are custom molded to fit the late model VENTED lower fairing shells, as mounted on the 2011-2013 Harley RoadGlide Ultra.

This exciting new J&M 4-channel 360w fairing/rear speaker amplifier kit has been design specifically for use in the 2011-2013 Harley® RoadGlide Ultra fairing with the Harley HK radio.

This is a full range class D amplifier and is spec’d at 90watts RMS per channel X4 channels, (360w total) driven continuous into a 2 ohm load @ 14.4vdc.

Amplifier mounts inside the fairing using the custom made stainless steel bracket system.

Amplifier gain adjustments are factory preset for this 6 speaker configuration on the Harley RoadGlide Ultra, along with the custom in-series wiring harness for the front upper/lower fairing speaker positions.

Custom made plug-n-play wiring harnesses are included with this amplifier kit, top quality heavy gauge power/ground wires are used for the fused battery connection, along with all necessary mounting hardware & complete installation/operation instructions.

Amplifier itself measures 7 1/4" X 4 ¾“ X 1 ¾”.

California Prop 65 Warning