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J&M Blu<>Hub® Dual-Module Driver/Passenger Bluetooth® Dongle Kit with aptX™ Digital Stereo 1998-2013 Harley® Ultra/Ultra


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This is J&Ms brand new Blu<>Hub® dual-module Bluetooth Dongle kit featuring the CSR/Qualcomm BlueCore8 IC chip-sets, loaded with J&M’s exclusive JMAHP software profile, for installation into 1998-2013 Harley Ultra or Ultra Ltd, with the factory installed Harley Ultra Audio system. (HK or RSI system)

This latest version of the JMAHP profile from J&M provides low-latency aptX™ digital stereo to the headset, (aptX decoding active with BT03+/BT04 or later model J&M headset) with simultaneous and continuous microphone signals back to the dongle audio source, allowing full stereo music, private driver/passenger intercom, navigation commands and CB radio transmissions, JUST as if you were using a corded headset, but WITHOUT the cord!

Now you can finally “Cut-The-Cord” between your helmet headset and the factory audio system on the Harleys WITHOUT sacrificing that great J&M sound!

The factory handlebar volume controls will raise and lower the music, intercom & CB radio volume levels inside each Bluetooth headset, once linked and adjusted.

Either driver or passenger can also link their own cell phones direct to their individual J&M Bluetooth headsets, simultaneously with this Blu<>Hub dongle, for automatic switching back & forth between stereo music/intercom/CB and individual cell phone conversations.

With this J&M Blu<>Hub dongle system installed on an ULTRA, CORDED helmet headsets can still be used at any time thru the standard headset connection plugs, simultaneous with either of the Bluetooth headset links.

The Blu<>Hub dongle will turn on and off automatically with the motorcycle ignition and there are NO BATTERIES EVER, to charge or replace.

Assembled in the USA at our factory in Tucson Arizona, with comprehensive linking and operation manual included.

BluHub® Bluetooth Dongle Software Update

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