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J&M Performance XT Fairing Speaker Upgrade Kit for 2006-2016 Honda® GL-1800 & F6B


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J&M's Performance XT Series---- The BEST and most powerful speaker available for your GL1800/F6B fairing position!

With a complete internal redesign for 2016, our high-output fairing speaker upgrades for the 2006-2016 Honda® GL-1800 & F6B (Except Euro Model GL-1800), are manufactured a full 10mm’s larger in cone diameter than stock, while still retaining the same exact dimension mounting hole pattern and electrical spade-lug size/polarity as stock, to make installation a snap.

Rated at 3 ohms impedance and 140 watts max power, they feature a very thin, hard, injection molded combination carbon fiber/polycarbonate cone, titanium colored dust cover, super flexible rolled edge, high sensitivity voice coil and dual-donut design high-flux strength Neodymium magnet structure, to provide for maximum air movement & voice coil cooling, along with superior bass and midrange response.

100% waterproof from the frontal position, you will be impressed by the significant improvement in overall volume and sound quality with a measured 2 full decibel increase over stock at volume level setting #25. ((sold in pairs))

California Prop 65 Warning



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