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J&M Custom BluHub® Bluetooth® Cell/Smart-Phone/GPS Terminal for 2006-2013 Harley Ultra


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This custom made and totally new J&M BluHub® Bluetooth integration terminal will integrate a Cell-Phone, Smart-Phone, Bluetooth enabled GPS unit with the driver's (only) J&M or Harley brand corded helmet headset.

While using the normal audio system functions on the Harley Ultra of music, intercom and/or CB radio, if the cell phone receives an incoming call and the call is accepted by depressing the handlebar mounted multifunction button, complete connection of the driver's headset to the cell/smart phone is automatically initiated for totally hands-free operation.

Voice-command-dialing can be activated by depressing the handlebar mounted multifunction button, which will also initiate complete connection of the driver's headset to the cell phone, for totally hands-free operation.

If the Bluetooth enabled and linked GPS unit emits any navigation commands (Bitching-Betty), regardless of what else might be being heard in the headset, they will momentarily be heard in the driver’s corded helmet headset.

Once linked the first time, the Bluetooth enabled cell-phone will automatically connect/disconnect from the system, when the ignition is turned on or off.

Additional linking/use scenarios are outlined in the installation/operation manual .pdf download listed below.

This is a totally plug-n-play Bluetooth cell-phone integration solution for 2006-2013 Harley Ultra and utilizes the latest CSR Bluecore8 IC module with software updates to connect to the very latest Bluetooth devices including the iPhone, Android and Garmin GPS operating systems.

Kit includes the plug-in integration module, handlebar-mounted control switch assembly and complete installation/operation manual.

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