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J&M CB Radio Modulation Tuning Adapter Cable for the 2018-2019 Honda Gold Wing GL1833

# CBMT-GL1833

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This custom-made 40-ch CB radio modulation tuning adapter cable is made for use on the 2018-2019 Honda Gold Wing GL1833.

There are variations in the microphone signal level output from one brand of Bluetooth headset to another, when operating in the HFP profile mode, for both cell phone conversations and CB radio transmissions on the new Wing.

Honda allows the user to control this mike output signal level, by adjusting it under the cell phone mike level adjustment menu, from -7 to +7 on the level control screen, to compensate for the various brands of Bluetooth headsets available.

Unfortunately, this internal system mike level adjustment control does NOT have an effect on CB modulation, like it does on mike level output into the cell phone.

This simple in-line adapter cable from J&M controls the mike level output from the main audio system to the CB radio, so that an over modulation condition does not occur during CB radio transmit.

This adapter cable is made using the exact same waterproof plugs and pins as factory and is 100% plug-n-play into the audio system.

It is installed by simply removing the Wing’s seat and plugging this cable in-line with the cable set going to the CB radio, that is mounted inside the right-side saddlebag

California Prop 65 Warning