J&M Corporation Motorcycle Audio

Click Here to download the J&M/ROKKER Amplifier DSP APP.


Click on “RUN” J&M Set-up.

If your antivirus software gives you any type of warning, click on “Run this program anyway”.

Then follow the instructions for J&M Tuning Application Set-up Wizard.

To use the APP the following steps would apply.

  1. Connect the programing cable/dongle to the ROKKER XXRP/XTP amplifier and the USB end to your laptop computer.
  2. To on motorcycle ignition to accessory position and adjust music volume to a moderate level.
  3. Open the J&M tuning APP.
  4. Make all gain & frequency response adjustments as desired, then click on “Save to Amp”. (when clicking on “Save to Amp” music volume should mute for 3-7 seconds while the DSP settings are loaded).

Special Considerations: Excessively high gain or distortion levels will cause excessive heat & damage your speakers. This damage is NOT covered under the J&M warranty.