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We are proud to offer the New J&M ROKKER® XXR EXTREME Custom Installation Kits for 2014-2018 Harley® Baggers.

At the very heart of these custom systems are your choice of a J&M in-fairing mounted 2 or 4 channel ROKKER XTP/XXRP amplifier rated @ 175w RMS per channel X 2 or 4 to provide up to 700w total RMS power!

Depending on which amplifier and specific system you choose, our single in-fairing mounted amplifiers can power 2, 4, 6 or 8 total main speakers on your Harley Bagger, along with up to 8 total tweeters.

Each custom kit listed below is completely assembled together with the amplifier already dialed in for each exact speaker configuration, to provide the on-highway volume, clarity and overall performance that most riders only dream about..

J&Ms fully weatherproof 6.71” & 5x7” ROKKER XX speakers feature a high-tech woven-fiber woofer cone & a massive high-density high-flux strength Neodymium magnet structure with large center & perimeter positioned voice coil cooling vents, to provide for maximum heat dissipation when operating at high volume levels for extended periods.

The custom designed grill mounted dome tweeters are also weather-proof and shock-proof for maximum long-term durability.

Many different system configurations are available along with some that allow for removal and/or reinstallation of the rear tail trunk, without affecting the operation or overall performance of the remaining components.

Each of these ROKKER® XXR EXTREME custom installation kits are engineered to be 100% plug-and-play for your convenience during the installation and to maintain the complete integrity of your Harley’s internal wiring harness.

THE Harley Radio FLASH Nightmare is FINALLY OVER !

All of the J&M ROKKER XX Extreme kits listed below are tuned/enhanced for the latest STOCK HARLEY Radio flash, by going to the speakers TAB on your local Harley dealer’s digital technician screen, CHOOSING "0" amps, then CHECKING the box "4-speakers, upper fairing/rear pods". This stock Harley flash will also activate the front/rear fader control and activate the rear audio outputs from the Harley radio.)))

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