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2014 Harley Ultra vs J&M ROKKER XX StreetGlide
J&M ROKKER XX/XT Series Audio Components for Harley Baggers

J&M's new ROKKER™ XX Series Audio Components for Harley® Baggers

ROKKER XX SeriesThe NEW 7 ¼" diameter ROKKER® XX
speaker from J&M is the largest and most powerful speaker ever offered for the Harley Bagger.

Designed from the ground up specifically for this application, & spec'd at an impressive 217 watts max power, this new speaker is the result of our 35 years of experience in the motorcycle audio business.

ROKKER XX SeriesIt features a very thin, light-weight, injection molded poly-
carbonate cone, to allow for increased air movement/cone projection, along with superior bass & midrange response.

ROKKER XX SeriesBuilt into the back side of the new ROKKER XX is a massive high-density, high-flux strength Neo-
dymium magnet structure with large center & perimeter positioned voice coil cooling vents, to provide for maximum heat dissipation when operating at high volume levels for extended periods on the highway.


A special coating has also been applied to this Neodymium magnet to preserve flux-strength integrity, even at extreme operating tempera-

Also featured are J&M's exclusive twin connec-
tion options, to allow for either the traditional twin-wire spade plug-in OR the new Harley
CVO type connection plug to give you a 100% plug-n-play speaker system, regardless of
your amplifier configuration.

The exciting new ROKKER XT DSP controlled 2
& 4-channel 250/500w amplifiers are the most powerful available for the Harley Bagger audio system application.

They are full range class G digital amplifiers, spec’d at 125watts RMS per channel continuous into a 2 ohm load @ 14.4vdc, with both 2 & 4-channel versions available.

These new ROKKER XT-P series amplifiers are fully programmable thru the internal digital signal processor (DSP) and come out of the box already dialed in for each specific speaker configuration, to provide maximum performance & durability.

You cannot buy a better speaker or amplifier, at any price, for your Harley Bagger audio system ,,,, you have our name on it!

Software Program Downloads for ROKKER XT DSP Amplifiers
J&M's ROKKER Series Audio Components for Harley Baggers
J&M's ROKKER Series Audio Components for Harley Baggers
J&M's ROKKER Series Audio Components for Harley Baggers
J&M's ROKKER Series Audio Components for Harley Baggers
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