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Deluxe Speakers

Deluxe Self Amplified Handlebar Mounted Speakers With Built-in Amps Driven by an I-pod, MP3 player, Satellite Radio or other type of portable Music Device.

These self amplified powerhouses are virtually hand built in our factory in Tucson.

The amplifier circuits that are installed into the base of the speaker housings put out well in excess of 40 watts each and are sealed in epoxy to provide complete weather proofing.

Not only powerful, the amplifier circuits have been specially tuned for the high gain levels necessary to amplify even the smallest of Walkman/MP3-type or portable music devices.

Side mounted (left speaker only) volume up/down control switches provide for ease of use and convenience while riding.

The speaker cones are also waterproof and will provide many years of service without damage from the weather.

A top quality chrome finish is applied to the speaker housings as well as the mounting brackets for beauty and durability.

The speakers connect directly to your bike's 12V electrical system (no batteries are needed except for your personal music device) and all necessary wiring, mounting hardware and installation instructions are included.

The MHAS-2008 speakers are the best performing handlebar mounted speakers you can buy anywhere, at any price. You won't be disappointed!

Deluxe Speakers
Deluxe Speakers
Deluxe Speakers

Deluxe SpeakersAttach your Walkman or MP3 player
conveniently on the handlebars with
one of these Velcro-mounted pouches

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