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J&M Bluetooth® Dongle22 Connection Harness (only) for Honda GL-1800


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This is J&M's custom stereo Bluetooth A2DP Dongle22 connection harness for all years of the Honda GL-1800 and F6B. (harness ONLY, J&M Dongle22 Bluetooth component is an extra cost item)

Harness has built-in audio isolators and other electronic components to properly match the audio signal level from the GL-1800 & F6B audio system, to the J&M Bluetooth Dongle22, to provide superior performance at highway speeds.

You can link most any brand Bluetooth helmet headset (including all past & present J&M model Bluetooth helmet headsets) to the Dongle22 and the on-board audio system becomes a common music source that can shared by the individual Bluetooth headsets, simultaneously with a cell phone and/or other Bluetooth helmet headsets for intercom and/or bike-to-bike communications.

The stock handlebar volume control for the GL's audio system will control the music volume to the linked Bluetooth headsets.

Easy plug-n-play installation by simply removing the left front fairing pocket assembly.

Installation of this custom J&M Dongle22 connection harness has NO effect on the audio performance or the ability to use the standard corded 5-pin headset jacks on the bike.

SPECIAL NOTE: As with ALL Bluetooth headsets that utilize the GL-1800 & F6B audio system as a music source, either by wire or Bluetooth dongle, there is NO microphone signal available to the GL-1800 audio system to allow transmission over the Honda CB radio. If you need to be able to actually transmit over the CB radio on the Gold Wing, the ONLY choice is to use CORDED helmet headsets or the J&M custom CB hand microphone kit.



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